A fairytale path!

After I involuntarily changed from the Camino del Norte to the Camino Francés, we started this morning in Sarria. Initially it was still raining, so I could try out my new poncho right away. The hostels, which are still open in the low season, are often full anyway. Despite the inhospitable weather, there are some pilgrims on the main path. Now the Camino gets more and more the character of a path that has been cultivated for many centuries. Strangely crippled trees and moss-covered walls of stacked quarry stones. Somehow a little fairytale and unreal In the course of the day the weather clears up properly. The sun has been shining again for weeks. This immediately awakens the spirits of life during a small rest in a standing position. The locals offer regular refreshments for pilgrims along the way, without a price list, but a voluntary donation is expected.

On the way I meet pilgrims from Vorarlberg: Sandra and her daughter started there independently, five months ago from home with a 100 litre 28 kg backpack, has a saxophone, a ukulele and her dog with her and now and then tents outdoors. Awesome! During our break we also meet two South Koreans. We men try to lift up Sandras giant rucksack and all obviously have trouble with it. Even her spry mother has joined us in Burgos and goes the rest of the way. On the way we also meet pilgrim shops in barns, which of course should not be missing. Many farmhouses are for sale here. In every village and in every small collection of houses you will find houses with the sign “Se Vende”. One can understand if the farmers are happy here, if they can earn a few toads at the Camino. They don’t get rich by the pilgrims anyway. But it spreads a very pleasant atmosphere. The people are very hospitable, greet every pilgrim and call “Buen Camino”. Despite the masses of pilgrims in summer, the people here maintain a special friendliness towards the strangers who come here from all over the world. The path, the landscape, the people, an unusual feeling. Somehow this has something spiritual about it, whether believing or not.

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