Busan, metropolis in South Korea

Busan is a vibrant industrial city in the south of South Korea with a population of almost 3.5 million. The previous cruise ends here and we take on new guests. Some of the crew also change. I take the opportunity for a three-hour visit. The shuttle bus from the cruise terminal takes us to the centre. Everything is ultra-modern. Wherever you go, you can log into a super-fast, free Wi-Fi network. It is practically as clean, tidy and well-organised as in Japan. Friendly and helpful police officers who speak good English can be found on every corner. You feel safe and welcome. When I think of a city of the same size in Germany, it brings tears to my eyes.

The station gives the impression of a new, medium-sized airport: busy, ultra-modern, clear and clean. I head to one of the restaurants serving traditional Korean cuisine for a Korean ramyeon: Spicy beef ramyeon with all kinds of vegetables and additional herbs and spices, served with a bowl of rice: very tasty and all for around EUR 7. Afterwards, I take a walk along a parallel street away from the main arterial road and take a look at an underground station, which is great for crossing under the busy street. Then I have to make my way back again. A few more shots on the shuttle bus and the ship’s farewell shot. Then it’s back to Japan.

Short trip to South Korea

Today we moored in Shingu harbour. With the rainy weather, I had a good excuse to spend the six hours moored comfortably in the ship and hope for the next day, when we want to see the most beautiful mountain in the world.

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