Japan – The second round trip

The last few days have been rather quiet and leisurely. There were few patients and after Tokyo I didn’t feel the urgent need for new experiences. The previous cruise ended today in Otaru and a new one began – new guests and, in some cases, a new crew.

I spent three hours walking through the city in fine weather, exploring new neighbourhoods and finding the best ramen restaurant in town.

Another evening in Kanazawa on 25 June 2023

On 28 June, we stopped off again in Busan, South Korea.

After a short stay in Matsuyama and Hiroshima, I took a little more time for Nagasaki. Unfortunately, I still didn’t have enough time for the Atomic Bomb Museum.

A hot day on 5 July in Jeju-si, the capital of the island province of Jeju-do in South Korea. Unfortunately, I only had two hours for a tour of the harbour.

On 6 July it was a little less hazy than last time, which made it possible to take a few shots of the nearby volcano in Kagoshima.

On 9 July, during our second visit to the capital, we attended an evening event at the Andaz Tokyo Hyatt Hotel.

After three and a half months, my assignment came to an end on 13 July. Some of my colleagues also got off the ship with me in Otaru. We spent a hearty evening in the huge food court at Shin-Chitose Kūkō Airport near Sapporo and spent the night in the airport hotel. The next morning we first travelled to Tokyo and then changed planes for the long flight to Frankfurt. There I changed flights to Lisbon and spent the night at a nearby hotel at my destination. Finally, the next day (15 July 2023) I flew to Ponta Delgada in the Azores and from there on to my home island paradise of Santa Maria in eternal spring.

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