The rain in Bilbao – A day of culture

“Hurricane low Zed unites with storm low Arne and reaches a diameter of 2000 km”, says the weather forecast. In addition, Zed hurls a runner into the Bay of Biscay, which we notice here in Donostia-San Sebastian: It gets really humid, warmer and warmer and rainer. I don’t feel like stumbling across the mountains again in the rain and take the bus to Bilbao. As expected, the weather there is no different with the size of the storm being low. What do you do on rainy days in Bilbao? Well, after the Café con leche and a baguette with Jamón Ibérico one first goes to the Guggenheim-Museum. Quickly I got a QR-code for the senior reduced entry to the smartphone by Google-Pay online, so that I don’t have to stand in the ticket queue that would mean waiting at least two hours. This brings me right in. The building is really impressive, as is the overall ambience. Inside you’ll find mostly German loans from the Kunsthalle Bremen. They currently have German Culture Weeks here. After so many hours of culture, I’m hungry again. Now I go straight to the famous Café Iruña to try the fantastic Pintxos Morunos (Moorish skewers) from lamb grilled over fire over a glass of Txakoli. When they come from the fire, they are rolled in a Curry Arabica lemon sauce. All I can say is: culinary explosion! Afterwards I walk along the Bilboko itsasadarra or Ría de Bilbao or Nervion or English Estuary of Bilbao, whatever it is called – all a bit complicated, but very impressive! Finally it has to be a dry aged Iberico beef in the evening at La Viña del Ensanche with one or two glasses of Garagardoa edo biera or Cerveza – you don’t treat yourself to anything else!

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