Washing day, shopping at Lidl/Galicia, Entrecôte and a destroyed backpack

It’s also raining here in Ribadeo in Galicia, it rains almost continuously. I escaped to a small private apartment about 10 km outside the city – very cosy, equipped with everything you need, including a washing machine and that was my downfall! Today is washing day. The laundry hangs over the radiators because it is raining outside and there is no dryer available. Also my backpack suffered a lot, especially because of the slippery parts and the wallowing in the mud – so it’s no longer hygienic. According to the washing instructions you should put it in the bathtub and brush it with a neutral soap in warm water, but do not put it in the washing machine. I have a shower, but no bathtub. So the backpack is washable in my eyes! Why shouldn’t it be washed in the machine for a synthetic wash?…I think to myself! Thought – done – and the backpack turns in the machine in the foam bath. Everything would have gone well if I had chosen the program without skidding – but it shouldn’t drip with wetness afterwards. The noises at 1000 revolutions per minute didn’t let me suspect anything good was happening. You can see the result on the photo. After all it has become clean, unfortunately also in its form and integrity heavily impaired! It was not only torn at different places outside and inside, but also a belt was milled off and the metal frame completely bent. From my point of view – economic total loss and I can now buy a new backpack. I comforted myself while cooking. Anyway, I was starving because I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. There is Entrecôte (Rib Eye Steak) with rosemary à la Ratatouille and a Rioja Faustino Rivera Ulecia. Now I’m digging into it! The photo of Playa de Las Catedrales (As Catedrais beach) from Ribadeo, Galicia is not mine. You can only see it this way when the weather is nice.

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