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The three months on the ship in the Red Sea went by like a flash (photos). The return flight from Jeddah via Dubai was interrupted by a medical emergency on the plane, which forced an intermediate landing in Cairo. No less than five Arab female doctors responded to the announcement on the plane, which made my assistance superfluous. After the patient was taken off the plane, we continued to Lisbon to the hotel and the next morning back to my island paradise. I enjoyed my vacation at home with hikes in the Azores winter. I also had the third COVID-19 (booster) and seasonal flu vaccine given. The pandemic is also shaking up the cruise industry. Actually, I had planned to accept another offer as a vaccinator in a German COVID-19 vaccination center after the turn of the year. However, at short notice I decided to take on an emergency replacement as a ship’s doctor in the Caribbean, which seemed more pleasant than winter in Bavaria. So once again on the plane from Santa Maria via Ponta Delgada, Lisbon and London to Bridgetown, Barbados. I am curious to see what awaits me.

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Hello-I’m-Gunter-👋🏻-gunterh_travels-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (2)

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