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After the five-hour COVID-19 entry procedure in Bridgetown, we finally took a cab to the ship. The first impression is very good. The MS Azura is identical in construction to the Costa Concordia. When the latter hit a rock and capsized, it had been in service for just one year. I hope that our captain is better than the former captain Schettino. There are only three ships of this type. All of the two remaining ships, like the Costa Concordia, belong to the Carnival Group. The Medical Center is very professional and consists of three doctors and nine experienced nurses and other medical staff. Digital X-ray equipment, operating room, normal and intensive care units, outpatient clinic. All very British, as are the guests. I’m in working quarantine for the first week, so other than my own cubicle or workplace, no contact or stay in other places.

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Hello-I’m-Gunter-👋🏻-gunterh_travels-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (2)

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