The Migration of the Cranes

I spent my last few days exploring the area near the Lac du Der-Chantecoq. At almost 48 km2, it is the largest reservoir in France and also serves as a stopover for the migration of cranes to the south. This time it was a coincidence that the train to the south coincided with my own hike. Some cranes spend the winter here, but most move to the Spanish Extremadura or even further to Morocco. There are up to 100.000 cranes at this dam at this time.

My insta journey so far...

Hello-I’m-Gunter-👋🏻-gunterh_travels-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (1)
Hello-I’m-Gunter-👋🏻-gunterh_travels-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (2)

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